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About SportsPlayer.com

SportsPlayer.com creates profiles of professional athletes from the worlds’ most popular sports.

We are not a database of professional athletes and their statistics. We believe other sources like ESPN do a much better job at keeping that kind of data.

Our goal is to bring attention to impactful athletes, their activities and the causes they support. All statuses (free agents, active and retired) qualify for inclusion.

Athlete Profiles

Unofficial Athlete Profiles

All Unofficial Athlete Profile pages are originally produced articles by Sportsplayer.com. The information provided on an Unofficial Profile is cited with the source(s) of origin kept on record. The featured athlete (or their management) has no control over the information published on an athletes’ Unofficial Profile.

Official Athlete Profiles

An Official Profile page is not administrated by sportsplayer.com. An Official Profile page is managed by the featured athlete or their management. All of the information on an Official Athlete Profile is produced and managed by the named athlete or their management.

How to Make an Official Profile?

Only the featured professional athlete or their management team have the authority to claim an Official Profile. If you are the featured athlete or are (an authorized) member of their management, feel free to contact our sales team to begin the process of acquiring your profile.

Claim an Athlete Profile

Request an Athlete Profile

If an athlete does not currently exist in sportsplayer.com you can submit a profile creation request. Anyone can request a profile for creation, but only a few will make the next release.

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